Sharing in New Jersey’s Shangri-la
Newark is in the vanguard of social media cities. Cory Booker is the Mayor of Newark and also known as the Mayor of Twitter (@CoryBooker has 1.06 million followers). Facebook is giving $100 million to Newark’s schools.
TV Debate: Rent Control
In light of the controversy over rent control laws, My9 News Takes On the question of whether they are fair, especially in this economy.
Marathons, Flag Football and Ning
In the late Nineties and early Aught’s—I persist in referring to the expiring decade as the Oh’s, but I get little traction—the primary if not sole web presence of many folks was their time results in various road races.
North Jersey’s Fab Four
The first book I consumed via Kindle (a convenient enough vehicle) was by the irrepressible Chuck Klosterman. With mock grandiloquence he named his fourth effort Chuck Klosterman IV,
News Alert: Apartment Inspections
ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- Renters and landlords are furious over a proposed fee increase. Landords said it could break their business. Renters are worried they could lose their homes.
The “Social” in Social Media
Synonyms of “social” include “public,” “friendly” and “gregarious.” Antonyms include “private,” “unfriendly” and “secluded.” These meanings and the gulf between them were given extra weight at Social Media Club North Jersey’s April 27 breakfast
Levels of Sharing
“If you get it‚ share it” is the slogan of Social Media Club. The coiners were banking on the multiple meanings of “getting,” which recalls Forbes Magazine’s longstanding use of the quote from Proverbs 4:7
Both Jamie Garamella and Jim Rizvani accepted our challenge to write a theme song for us. The only rules were that the lyrics had to include “Social Media Club” and “North Jersey.” For a template, Jamie used Bob Dylan and Jim used The White Stripes
Fa-fa-fa-fa Facebook with Urban Outfitters
Driving up the Turnpike yesterday a.m. to our social media breakfast event, I switched off my fave XM Channel—the ‘80’s on 8—to silently rehash prep calls with our guest speaker, Teresa Lee, Urban Outfitters’ Director of Marketing.
Tiger Lessons and Advice
Social media has played an enormous role in the Tiger Woods scandal with both obvious and subtle impacts.
You CAN Cross the Streams
Do not cross the streams... Egon Spengler warned about the usage of proton packs, Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.
Shakespeare, Craig, and Social Media
I hadnt thought of the word sophistry in a while, but anything can happen when experts talk about social media: All media is social and all social is media, went one blog this week. I hope the guys clients keep their hands in their pockets.
Axiom Addict
Well we had our first webinar and we did a few things wrong. We went with the cheap, no-frills DimDim solution because we are so good at technology that we figured we could dress it up.
Dont Queer the Party
For about six months now we?ve been trying to figure out social media and its connection to apartment marketing. We didn?t start out this way ?
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